Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Secret of Indigo Moon by G. P. Taylor

978-1-4143-1948-3When I was given the opportunity to review "The Secret of Indigo Moon" by G. P. Taylor, I was very curious, as it is a newer (to me) style of writing. It combines regular prose and "graphic novel" for kids. My two olders have reached the point where they are very interested in "Mysteries" so this seemed like a perfect time to check it out.

The story is suspenseful enough that it is not considered a "night-time" read in our house (Middlest deems it "Creepy" but exciting), with plenty of dangerous characters and "Darkness." Of course, the "graphic" layout of the book (Black is very prevalent on most pages) reinforces "The darkness" of the world that the Dopple and Ganger children find themselves inhabiting.

You can download a pdf file of the first chapter, and see whether this is something that would create interest in your house.


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