Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan~ Tsunami/Earthquake resources

 Hello, Friends~

I had intended to share some material with my local homeschool group, and figured I might as well post the information on my blog, and share it with my blog readers as well.

I have friends in Japan (Army~ stationed in Tokyo), as well as our LABO exchange students. I haven't heard back from Kanae, who lives in Tokyo, but I have heard from Yukino's family. They live in the Southwest (Yamaguchi Prefecture).

My friend in Tokyo has let us know that they are all fine and that they feel the US media may be blowing the radiation issue out of proportion. The military base they are on is monitoring the air, and they are confident that the levels in the area where they live are not worrisome (I do not feel this relates to the area immediately around the nuclear reactor, however).

So~ there is my "personal" take on the situation.

Here are some resources that you may wish to utilize as you talk with your children about this catastrophe.

Kid Scoop (a TOS  Crew vendor that my family did not review) has made available a "Breaking News" edition of their kid-oriented publication online for free.  Breaking News: Huge Quake and Tsunami Hit Japan There are some great resources in here.

HomeschoolShare has a free Earthquake Unit Study and Lapbook

 LapbookLessons has a free lapbook on the country of Japan

TheHomeschoolMom has a page with a list of links on Tsunamis

ABC News has some amazing visuals on "Before/After"

The Pacific Tsunami Museum in Hawaii has some interesting resources

Here's a great map with Plate Tectonics, Active Volcanoes and the "Ring of Fire" that helps to visualize the "Active" nature of the earth.

I hope that these links are useful to you (Hey~ if you'd like to leave a comment telling me if you used these, I'd love to hear from you! :)) and that they help your children understand a little more about the country of Japan, and the challenges that they have faced/are facing.


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