Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Generations of Virtue

In today's world of excess and "anything goes", it is a delight to find a company like Generations of Virtue, whose motto is "Purity of Heart, Purity of Mind, Purity of Body".

Generations of Virtue has a mission to make available God-honoring, Bible-based tools for parents, teenagers, and pre-teens, specifically, to help build up and maintain pure hearts, minds and bodies, which can be challenging in the current culture.

As the mother of a pre-teen girl, I was blessed to receive for review the three-book set "Beautifully Made". ($18.99)

Book 1~ Approaching Womanhood~ is written to the pre-teen (recommended ages 8-12) whose body may just be starting to change. It covers the various signs of maturing physically, and how to care for that changing body in a gentle but straight-forward mannner.

Book 2~ Celebrating Womanhood~ is also written directly to the pre-teen/teenage daughter, to be shared with her when she crosses sthe milestone between girlhood and young woman. It covers monthly cycles and how to deal with them in more detail, with a few appropriate line drawn illustrations. There is a section on symbolism which, depending on the individual may be extremely encouraging, or not, so I suggest that mom's pre-read and decide if this section will be helpful or muddy the waters for your particular child. Towards the end of the book there are a couple of pages that talk about natural helps for some typical, cyclical discomforts, which I found useful.

Book 3~ Wisdom from a Woman- Mother's Guide~ is written directly to moms. Communication is a key theme, with the key word (For me anyway) being CHANGE~
Physical predictors of CHANGE
ideas for Celebrating CHANGE
Dealing with CHANGING moods
The biology of CHANGE (And those moods...)
and finally, some "Tips for Moms"

These little books are all short, quick reads. They don't beat the topic to death, or go into any more detail than necessary. They form a gentle but practical foundation for dealing with one of those "Facts of Life", prepared by someone who shares similar values, and the same Biblical worldview. Thank you, Generations of Virtue for supplying this much-needed resource for today's moms and daughters, so that we can have respectful, caring, practical conversations about growing into the young ladies God intends our daughters to be.

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