Monday, January 26, 2009

All About Homophones e-book**

Review for the TOS Crew~
All About Homophones e-book(Also available in softcover)

Like to play with words? Have kids that like to play with words? Looking for a fun “extra” that is often an overlooked part of Grammar/Spelling? Does that tune from Veggie Tales “Sumo of the Opera” keep going through your head?

Homophones! Homophones!
Where the toads are towed out on the plane!
Homophones! Homophones!
I need my kneaded biscuits plain!

Now, don’t you want to write some more verses???? Or set your kids to writing more verses?

Marie Rippel of All About Spelling has developed a great stand-alone resource(Launched today!!) for teaching Homophones to grades 1-8 with worksheets, puzzles, riddles and more. Go to Marie’s All About Homophones website to view 32 sample pages. You can also sign up for her free report “The 5 Secrets for Teaching Homophones”, as well as her newsletter with Free graphic organizers.

My kids have enjoyed doing the worksheets, and they think that crossword puzzles, puns, and riddles are fun. However, their favorite has to be the tongue twisters. (Try this tricky one… We’ll reel in the real rear wheel)

For the “teacher” in you, the graphic organizers are great, although I tend to not use them unless the homophone is terribly tricky for a particular child. They would look good in a portfolio. ☺
We haven’t gotten around to playing any of the card games yet, but that should be another fun resource to use. Oh, a major bonus in my book is that the homophones are arranged by grade level in each section, with a master list towards the front of the book. That makes it very easy to print up only the pages that I want or feel apply to my kids at any given point in time. The appendix has answer keys for each of the worksheets, which is also great for those of us with occasional “Swiss Cheese Mommy Brain”. ☺ I feel that the whole book is executed in a very well thought out and easy to teach format, and could be a welcome addition to any homeschooling library.

So how much does this great resource cost?
The printed softcover edition is $29.95, the downloadable ebook version is $27.95.

For a last bit of free fun, check out the homophone machine
Type in a sentence....
Czech it out and sea what ewe think. ☺
If nothing else, it will have you and your children seeing homophones in everything you read or hear… FUN! ☺ (Makes for a great proofreading tool too)


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