Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Little Man In the Map~ A US Geography Book

Here's a fun one to check out with your children young and old, if you are just learning the States, or if there are some whose location is always baffling to you or your children!(when I was little I had friends in Hawaii who could have used this book... they had very little knowledge of mainland USA geography!)

The Little Man in the Map is a fun book from Schoolside Press that is made up of poetry and mnemonic devices to help with the memorizing of the placement of all 50 States.

My kids enjoyed this book and the poetry, for the most part(Although we were all dismayed that my natal state, Montana was described as a monster! A mountain man might have been a better choice....;) ). I only have one that is at the stage of learning the states, and this has been a fun way to practice!

I like that it is split into regions, and that the first set one learns, those that make up MIM, the little man in the map, are the central states, instead of starting on one of the coasts, as is usual.

For those who avoid ALL mention of "magic" (Used in reference to the imagination here, so not really "magical"), elves, and monsters, and the like, I should let you know that they do appear in the western states, but personally I didn't find that to be an issue, except for that poor critter from Montana, previously mentioned, and that only because I am fond of my home state! ;)

This is a nice, hardcover book priced at $19.95.
Right now there are two specials running
Free shipping within the USA, for the holidays,
and a "Combined special"
The Little Man In the Map, Book and Wall Map Combo for a flat $35! (Save almost $7!)
(the map is a 38 x 22 inch full-color wall map, laminated front and back)

There is a teacher's guide which should be ready soon. It includes cross-curriculum activities to reinforce the learning for all learning styles, and a nifty crossword puzzle as well!

Oh, and Mr Martonyi, the author, has created a blog, Frogs Jump USA for those that like to check out the bloggy pond... :) Here's what he has to say about it:
"The idea behind the name of the blog is that there are frogs in every state and region of our country. I would like to make my blog interactive with kids and teachers. I encourage the kids to post on my blog anything that they find interesting in our land. Whether it is places they have visited, or it is something in their neighborhood, or even in their own back yard."

Check it out!


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