Friday, December 19, 2014

More Musical Nuggets ~ 5 Favorite Christmas Songs for your Enjoyment :)

Just thought I'd share a few of our current favorite carols both for you to enjoy via youtube videos. If you love them, go buy the music! :)

Some Children See Him: This is a lesser known song, but so lovely~ and in this time which should be one of peace and joy, but is fraught with discord and hatred, this is a good reminder:

No link on Amazon to purchase~ could be on a recording, but not listed specifically. Too bad, because I think this is as close to the way I love to hear this song as I've ever found. Maybe if Alison Krauss records it someday I'll switch over. ;)

Another song that has come across my facebook newsfeed, so perhaps you've seen it, is Cloverton's rewrite of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah into a song where I can now appreciate the lyrics AND the music...

No link to purchase~ Sony! Listen up! There are people who would LOVE to buy this version of this song! Think about it! :)

And while I enjoy the version of "Mary Did You Know?" performed by the Pentatonix that seems to be going viral, my very favorite artist performing this song is Kathy Mattea~ if you don't have her Christmas Album "Good News" you're missing out on a seriously good set of songs~ many of which have not received the attention *I* feel they are due. ;)
linking to a live performance, which isn't a amazing as the album from an instrumental POV, but the vocal is so powerful:

Link to song on Amazon Mary, Did You Know?

Here's a fun "Synchronized Lights" video set to Go Fish's "Christmas with a Capital 'C'"

Link to song on Amazon Christmas With A Capital "C"

And finally, here is a most excellent, fresh take on Feliz Navidad, by one of our most favorite bands this year~ Unspoken:

Link to song on Amazon  Unspoken: Feliz Navidad

I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do! Leave me a comment and tell me some of *your* favorites! :)


Friday, December 12, 2014

High School Books under the Christmas tree

If you need some new ideas for your older children and or mommy friends who like to read~ here's a quick set of books to start you thinking of some titles that you can gift to your kiddos ~

No explanation needed...
Good Dystopian Literature
High School (or Mom...) Reads:
Sweet rewrite of
Daddy Long-Legs
LOVED this book,
and so did my teen!
Sci-Fi ~ Excellent Read!
Read it now, so you'll be
ready for the sequel!

Hardcover slipcased Classics!
Currently $19.99
Classic novel
Set in Indiana
Very Charlotte Mason-ish
I have it on good authority
(Eldest received it from
the publisher when @ their HQ)
that this is a good series. 
Another Classic, better
known as the movie, but
worth the read as a book.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Some Musical "nuggets" for December (Free!)

As I was posting to my personal facebook page I decided that maybe I should pop out a really quick blog post with some of the free music that I've been finding around the web. :) At the time of writing these were all available for free...

Christmas Anthem - Single Which is a great, upbeat.. Anthem!
and this Green Hill Christmas Music Sampler which makes me think of lightly falling snow and baking Christmas cookies~ mostly instrumental, "background music".

Noise Trade: (Music is free, but feel free to leave the artist(s) a tip!) I love this site for finding new-to-me artists!

Kerrie Roberts has a 5 song Christmas Album, Thank You Child,  that is very listenable.
Here's a video "preview" of Jingle Bells from the album:

Here is a really fun album Hill and Hale and their Merry Friends: Christmastime ~ somewhat nostalgic jazzy/musical feel~ And the song "Reindeer" really hits home tonight, in particular, as we've had far too much "rain, dear!" If you're looking for a fun album, check this one out! :) Here's "Reindeer" for your listening pleasure:

Hear It First 
Peter Furler's very pleasant version of What Child is This from his new Christmas Album "Peter Furler Christmas, feat. David Ian

This should keep you busy for awhile~ Watch my page for more music!


Monday, December 1, 2014

Abe's Market Cyber Monday Specials (Essential Oils!!)


Abe's Market saved the best deals for last!
Just a few things you'll find on sale right now:
PlantLife Essential Oils Set Sale $37.46! 
Cyber Monday specials
$5 off orders of $30 or more with code CYBERMONDAY5
$10 off orders of $50 or more with code CYBERMONDAY10
$25 off orders of $100 or more with code CYBERMONDAY25

crayon/Pencil roll~ Sale $8.80, select designs $6.

$8.79 for organic/natural crayon "rocks

The savings can really stack up when you buy items that are on sale, 
and don't forget that there is free shipping through December 31!


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Abe's Market ~ a Few Organic and Natural Gifts Under $25

I don't know if you've noticed the ad for Abe's Market over on my sidebar, but I have enjoyed a number of items purchased from this store, especially as I try to use more organic and natural items. If you are looking for some gifts that fit that profile, you might be interested to see a sampling of what is available at Abe's Market.

To sweeten the pot, all purchases made through December 31, 2014 will be shipped for free (no minimum), and all orders placed *before* December 17th are guaranteed to arrive by Christmas.

Organic and Natural Gifts Under $25

Foot Care Candy Mint Foot Polish
By: Deep Steep

Canal Street Daisy Nail Polish
By: Scotch Naturals

Small Herbal Healing Kit
By: Elemental Herbs

Chocolate Bar Variety Gift Set
By: Wild Ophelia

Spice Tin Gift Box
By: Sauce Goddess Gourmet

Small Change Pink/Vanilla Burp & Bib Set
By: Kee-Ka Organics

By: eco-kids

Wool Felt Jewelry Kit
By: Artterro

Check back on my blog coupons, which can be used on all items, including those on sale!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

One Day Only Sale (Educational Gifts!!)

I received an email in my inbox today detailing an Amazon "Deal of the Day" that I thought was worth mentioning, since I'm planning to purchase one of the items myself... :)
I try to not get into the over-hyping of "stuff" but when it's good quality... I feel the need to share a good deal! (Some of these would make fantastic gifts for donations!)

There are a bunch of Learning Resources products on sale for 50%+ off. We own and love a bunch of these toys!

So, what item am I planning to purchase? We have a VERY old, breaking, tiny cash register (from when my 17 yo was a tike), and my 7 year old keeps saying that he would love it if we got a new one. I've put it on the back burner because the list price for most of the pretend cash registers out there doesn't correlate with our budget... Enter the Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register (on sale for $27.50 instead of $50/$60, and less than I could find it anywhere else)

It has drawers that hold real sized money (!),  instead of and itty bitty cash drawer which is what our current falling apart cash register holds.  Of course I don't expect TOO much wear and tear given my youngest's age, but sturdiness is definitely something to consider, and this one looks pretty good!

Apparently there are also some teaching games (This machine "talks"... which may be good or bad depending on your POV) that can help with counting, coin recognition, and basic "money math" which is something some teens at the grocery store could use upon occasion. ;)

Other items of interest?

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Kitchen Set for $22.50
We don't own this exact set, but we own many of the items in it. Fun times! :)

One of my favorites, and the one we have owned for years (Still going strong...) Educational Insights Pots N' Pans Set (currently $10). It looks like they've added a couple of kitchen tools since our purchase over a decade ago (potato masher and tongs)

There are a bunch of other fun kitchen/shopping type items on this daily deal as well as some jumbo plastic play animal sets that are often very popular with the young set... here are a few of them, there are more in the sale:

Learning Resources Jumbo Farm Animals ($15)
Learning Resources Jumbo Domestic Pets ($15)
    Learning Resources Jumbo Jungle Animals ($15)

There are other toys~ Gears, Science Tools,  a Time Tracker, and more...
Check them out if you like, and I hope that this was useful to you!



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