Thursday, August 3, 2017

Instant Pot, Ancient Grains and Pork Chop (experiment)

Pretty happy with my Instant Pot still! 

Experimented tonight with center cut pork chops and grains (bulgar, quinoa, and couscous).

Not a real recipe at this point, but here's what I did...

Seasoned chops with original Mrs Dash, pepper, and Montreal Steak seasoning, then seared on both sides of each chop using the sauté function. 

Dumped in about a quart of (homemade-in-the-instant-pot-for-the-first-time using bones from a MB roasted chicken and some veggies) chicken broth, and an appropriate amount of "ancient grains" and pearl couscous.

Closed the lid and cooked on manual pressure on high for 10 minutes, natural pressure release (15 minutes before I finished it off).

Not bad! 
DH declared it flavorful
Youngest LOVES the grains
Middlest loves the pork (not a huge fan of couscous)
Eldest agrees with all the superlatives :) 
I think diced, sautéed Baby Bella's would be a very welcome addition, and maybe a little less time, as the pork is a little tiny bit dry. Tastes yummy, though!

Tomatoes are yummy Sweet Medley snacking tomatoes from Aldis to add a little Veggie color. :) 


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