Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Pencil Grip Inc. Thin Stix (Art supply review!) cool no-mess paints!

A couple of years ago I did a review for The Pencil Grip Inc. , reviewing their Kwik Stix Tempera Paint Sticks around Christmas time. We had a couple of fun projects we did with them, so if you didn't read that review, be sure to go check it out later. This spring the TOS Homeschool Review Crew has been sent their newest product to review, the Thin Stix 6pk of Classic Colors. As I mentioned in my first Kwik Stix review, the original product is reminiscent of a glue stick in shape and form. While a lot of fun to work with, they lacked the ability for adding finer detail, so I was delighted with the opportunity to check out their Thin Stix cousins.

One of the main benefits to the Kwik Stix line is that they truly are paint in an almost mess free form. No spills and drips, and they dry in 90 seconds (the only negative to that is if you are trying to blend two colors, you have to work FAST! :) ).

My college-aged daughter and I enjoyed playing with the new Thin Stix, and experimenting with a few things.

I used the original Kwik Stix to draw the outlines of the flower and the leaves, the thin stix to draw the detailed lines on the petals and the leaves, as well as the black "pointillism" center.

This picture was drawn almost exclusively with the thin stix~ I wonder if you can figure out where I used the thicker original Kwik Stix???

Here I was experimenting with layering~ Using the white Kwik Stix over the tree trunk on the top "vine" to see if it eliminated the transparency of the bottom two lines~ worked pretty well, don't you think?

My daughter drew these flowers mostly with the Thin Stix~ she ended up using the very edge of the original Kwik Stix to make the orange lines~ definitely much easier to use the Thin Stix overall.

My son used the Thin Stix for a project that I've been wanting him to try for a while, a
3-D hand picture. The Thin Stix were ideal for this project as the lines to fill in with color end up being pretty skinny. He enjoyed using the Stix for this instead of a marker or pencil, as the coverage makes it very nice to look at.

One other project that I did just a bit of was using the Thin Stix on large wooden popscicle sticks. We had seen the idea of making a "deck of cards" out of these as an easier way for smaller hands to hold a bunch of "cards" and still be able to see them all, for games like go fish, crazy eights, and more.


I think this would be a neat way to create some math "flash cards" as well, to practice basic operations. You could even decorate them and glue magnets on the back to give as gifts to moms and dads, grandparents and more.

Not So Nutty Nitty Gritty 
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