Sunday, January 8, 2017

Epiphany~ 27th Anniversary~ 12th Day of Christmas~

This holiday season I chose to be "in the moment" 
instead of "in the Social Media" 
throughout most of our Christmas "Break,"
(Although you may have seen me on Facebook).  
I hope you missed me! :) 

Here is a look at some of our time over the past two-ish weeks:

My latest cooking gadget (7-in-one Instant Pot) is a winner!! 
I've used it many times over, and have had decent success the vast majority of the time (It's "ok" for making popcorn, 
but I think I'll stick with my stovetop stainless pot for that!). 

Christmas Eve with Friends
I know the picture is dark, but it was warm and cozy and lovely! 

SPEEDY breakfast before church
Scrambled egg and sausage crescent roll ring

Christmas photo after Christmas morning service

Stockings, Christmas Afternoon

Christmas Day (And one Christmas Eve) Gifts

Lazy days and evenings... fun times!!!

And Epiphany

Just a little late, due to... well... LIFE! :) It's a * Good * Thing. 


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