Monday, October 3, 2016

Tracie Peterson's 3rd Sapphire Brides title "A Love Transformed" (Review)

Being a "Born and Bred" 5th Generation Montanan myself, I always enjoy historical fiction when it is set in my home state. The most recent book that fits this bill is the third book in Tracie Peterson's Sapphire Brides series, A Love Transformed.

This story follows the life of a New York socialite (Clara Vesper) who is the unknown creative artist behind her husband's very successful family jewelry business. She has ties to Montana beyond the Montana Yogo Sapphires with which she fills her jewelry designs, as that is where she spent the happiest summers of her youth with her paternal aunt and uncle. It is also where she fell in love with one of their ranch-hands (Curtis), only to be separated by her mother's scheming ways, as she orchestrates Clara's marriage to Adolph Vesper.

At the beginning of the novel, Clara's husband is murdered, and she returns west with her two children to try to pick up the pieces of her life.

A simple novel would keep the story line to the reunion of Clara and Curtis, but Tracie engages her readers with more conflict and danger as America joins World War I.

I enjoyed reading this novel, and the growth of many of the characters, all of whom are flawed, The transforming messages of hope, forgiveness (of self as well as of others) and grace are sure to encourage those who appreciate a good clean novel in a historical setting. You might even be inspired to do a little research on your own regarding Yogo Sapphires, the Copper Kings (who receive a minor mention in the book), and some interesting aspects of World War I.


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