Thursday, July 7, 2016

Nortwill Single Hammock with Tree Straps

My appreciation for the newer style of hammocks has been ongoing for the past few years, ever since I purchased a "Double" hammock for camping. I was happy to have the opportunity to add to our family's hammocks by purchasing a Nortwill Single Hammock with Tree Straps at a reduced rate for the purpose of review.

I was curious how it would work compared to the "doubles" that we were used to. The straps work well, quick and easy to wrap around a tree (or branch), and adjust with the built-in loops. We found that it was a little difficult for an adult-sized person to lie in the middle of the hammock, it tended to "roll" us towards the front of the hammock (Where the "pocket" the hammock folds into is located). However, it made a great option for little people, and also to use as a "Hammock Seat."

Since we like to take our hammocks to ball parks whenever there are trees that are hammock-able, to watch the boys play baseball, this will be a great option for that!

I hope that this is a useful review for you~ if you're looking for us, we might be hanging around somewhere... in our town or yours!  ;)


*Product received for a reduced price, not free

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