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The Old Schoolhouse Hey Mama! Print Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017(Review)

Although our 2015/2016 school year is still in the process of wrapping up, and my Eldest's Graduation (!) is tomorrow, it's never too early to start planning for next year. This is where the The Old Schoolhouse  comes in to play, with their updated Hey Mama! Print Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017, hot off the presses!

I have discovered over the course of reviewing for The Old Schoolhouse the past 8 years that I definitely have a preference for pencil and paper planners vs electronic planners. My brain just finds it much easier to wrap itself around something I've written than information that has been input on the screen. I also find it simpler to just write plans down, vs trying to figure out the where's and how's of the more techie version... they kind of make my brain hurt. ;)

So... some things have changed from previous Hey Mama! print versions of this planner, and other's have stayed the same.
There are still Monthly Calendars with a page for notes, a double page "Calendar" spread, and an inspirational "Hey, Mama!" note to encourage you in your walk as Mama, Wife, and Teacher.

The undated Weekly Planner pages are also still there (of course... they are the "heart" of the planner), but they have even more "heart" now, as they are bisected every 4 weeks with another quick "Hey, Mama!" note, and an article. The articles in this year's planner give interesting bits of information about some tools that were used by older generations in daily life. Note: some of these tools are still used today, but often more in a hobby-sense than a survival sense (spinning wheel, cast iron pans, horseshoe and farm nippers), others are forerunners of modern inventions (irons, washboards, dolly sticks).

I particularly appreciate that the pages aren't dated. While we do tend to somewhat follow the public school calendar, there are some weeks that they school that we do not, and vice-versa, sometimes we have schooling scheduled during vacation times... with undated planning pages, I can just write in the "Week of" date as we do the work.

Following the basic planning pages are forms for:
Monthly/Semester, and Yearly goals
Attendance Chart
Books Read
Curriculum Planning Sheets
Homeschooling Contact List
Information of Creating an Academic Transcript (with a blank form to fill out)
Checklist and Skills Learned
and a form for Other Courses to be recorded

No Old Schoolhouse Planner would be complete without pages of helpful information including:
U.S. Presidents and their Wives
The Thirteen Colonies by Date
United States and Capitals
36 General Writing Prompts
Story Starters
Timeline of Inventions

I really need to encourage more writing, and look forward to using the writing prompts on a weekly basis.

Digital Schoolhouse Planner
One more thing to mention here~ while, I do love having this bound print planner, and as referred to above, I don't do so very well with electronic versions. But, there is another alternative: the digital versions.
The ability to print multiple copies of various forms as needed, and tailor the planner to what you specifically need is rather nice.
Because it's digital there are many more options including notebooking pages, household forms (Bible, Kitchen/Menu, Financial), and more.

My only problem with these printable pdfs is that I seldom make it to the copy store to have them bound, so I end up with random sheafs of paper that tend to get lost in the stacks in my house. However, I thought that I should mention this as an alternative planner option, as I do make use of this version at times, as well (like when I want to print up planner pages for each child to use, while keeping my own bound print version. :) )

Oh, and one more note is that the planners have been included in membership to The Schoolhouse Teacher website, which is a whole 'nother resource in and of itself!
You can read more about that (and the current special) at this link: Purchase a 2 year membership  to and receive bonus gifts (including the Schoolhouse Teachers Bag that the crew was sent as a special gift along with our planners... not included in a planner purchase, but included with a subscription...).

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