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Practice Makes Perfect! Homeschool Copywork Lifetime Membership Review

It's not often that I am given the opportunity to review something produced by one of my friends, but today I get to talk about the Lifetime Membership from my friend Amy Blevins' company, Homeschool Copywork. She has produced a large number of quality copywork ebooks with themes to suit all ages, and many interests.

Amy has created copywork ebooks which feature themes from Scripture, History, Poetry, Art, Science, Music (Composers and Hymns), Nature, and Seasonal Themes. These ebooks are put together with care. They include multiple styles of print and manuscript for handwriting practice and are beautifully illustrated. Some of the pages have great line drawing illustrations which can be colored in when the copywork is finished, and others are accompanied by full color illustrations.

Some of the books are pretty much strictly copywork, others include extra information and/or activities or suggestions that can become a little unit study. Here is a screen shot from one of the Van Gogh books. You can see that the page has a beautiful Van Gogh picture to go along with the quote~ lovely! The beginning of the book includes a biographical snippet and some activity suggestions.

I really appreciate the variety of styles of print/manuscript that she has included, as all of my children are at different places in their handwriting. My Eldest has developed her own style:

My Middlest is still figuring out his style...

And my Youngest is working on letter size and spacing... writing neatly is something that he needs to work on, and these sheets are great, because they give a clear example for him to follow, using sentences that are interesting and/or beneficial.

Because it's a Presidential Election year we chose to use some pages from the Presidential Quotes book. There are quotes from each one of the Presidents, in a variety of styles.

My eldest was delighted to discover verses that included two of her favorite things, Dragons AND Owls in the Dragons of the Bible book (Among other Dragon references...)
My youngest was also interested in The Armor of God book... Anything having to do with "army" or "armor" makes him happy, even if it isn't Military Police or some other modern force. For my part, I think this is a good way to help to learn the verses from Ephesians 6!

Some of the benefits of using copywork, even into high school include:
  • Reinforcing proper  Spelling, Punctuation, Vocabulary, Sentence Structure, and Grammar ~ as they copy what is correctly modeled they *will* learn.
  • Memorization aid~ when the eyes see the words, the brain thinks the words, and the hands write the words they are more likely to be retained. This is where quality copywork comes into play. We want our children to be putting meaningful words to paper, into their brains, and hearts. Amy's books definitely set a standard here. 
  • Of course, there is also the benefit of "hopefully" improving penmanship. This is a big thing with my youngest, as his letters are of all shapes, sizes, and smooshed together, so seeing properly spaced and written words directly above his workspace is extremely helpful! 
While Amy often shares some samples of her copywork ebooks for free, a membership allows you to pick and choose content from *everything* that she has produced (I believe I counted 47 copywork ebooks), as well as access to Member only Bonus materials, including notebooking and coloring pages.

This is a great resource for all ages.
Not So Nutty Nitty Gritty 
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