Wednesday, April 13, 2016 Exclusive High School Diploma (Review)

Homeschool families come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, so when graduation time rolls around I appreciate that there are options which allow us to keep that unique flavor of our own family even when presenting our student with something as standard as their high school diploma. I was blessed by the opportunity to review the process of ordering my daughter's Exclusive High School Diploma diploma from , and there are many opportunities to express your families personality when you order.

The first order of business is to determine the size and style of diploma. While does offer the 6"x8" size diploma that was standard in the days of my high school graduation, they also offer the larger 8.5"x11" that has become more popular among her public schooled peers.

There are 5 different styles of diploma offered:

  • Standard
  • Personalized
  • Personalized Gilded
  • Deluxe
  • Vintage

As can be expected, the Standard version doesn't offer as many options for customization as the other styles. I'll note as I go through the ordering process which items are NOT included with the Standard Diploma, as we ordered the Deluxe version.

Once you determined the style, it's time to personalize:
*Non-Standard Options

  • The Center Seal ~ Choose from 4 very different looking seals ~ Christian Education, Soli Deo Gloria, Classical Education, Private Education
  • Full name of graduate (including gender to make sure of correct wording throughout).
  • Name and Location of School (And a verification that you have authority to order a diploma as the administrator of your school).
Location "Blued out" above for Privacy purposes, but it looks lovely under there. ;) 
  • *Wording Choices~ This is where the Standard Diploma differs, in that there is only one basic wording offered for Standard, with 2 variations. The other Diplomas offer three more wording options with variations for each, giving you nine different alternatives for personalization. 
  • *Verse or Motto~ Choose one of three standard Scripture verses, or for a nominal fee you can customize the diploma with a different favorite verse or motto. 

  • Date and *Signature Line Titles~ If you have a specific date for graduation you add that here, you can also do what we did, and just use the month and year (when we ordered we weren't sure if my Eldest was taking part in an official graduation ceremony or not...). The Signature Line Titles can be as simple as "Signature" and "Date" or something else that suits your family. offers a number of suggestions to help you make your decision. ;) 
  • Design Details~ Select your paper Ivory or Cream, and the style of lettering. For non-standard diplomas there are also options for Hand Calligraphy instead of the standard Gothic font. 
  • *Honors Seals ~ Gold embossed seals in English or Latin can be affixed for an extra charge. 
  • Diploma Cover~ Many color choices as well as the option to personalize with gold stamped seals/wording. Some of these are standard, others are an extra fee. 
  • Optional add-ons~ An Archive Copy or a Wallet copy may also be ordered with your diploma. 

There are other options to add like a gold tassel or 23K gold illumination of capital letters in your school name... you can really go all out if you like!

Other products offered by to complete your graduate's needs and/or to celebrate their achievements include:
Apparel: Cap and Gown sets, Tassels, Honor cords, Stoles, Medallions and Pins. If you are part of an umbrella school you might have a Valedictorian~ honor them! :)
Gifts: Class Rings, Keepsakes, T-Shirts, Photo Frames and Folios
Stationery: Announcements, Invitations, Thank You Notes, and Note Cards, The samples we received (pictured below) meet every expectation of quality that I would expect.

Note: if you are part of a homeschool co-op, offers discounts for package deals! Check it out if you have interest in a group deal!

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