Saturday, March 5, 2016

"Y" is for Yielding (Charlotte Mason Inspiration #31)

"Y" is for Yielding

Yielding tends to have the connotation of giving up, of being weak, but isn't it just the opposite side of the coin  (or perhaps the reflection of...) of Strength?

Sometimes giving up one's rights/giving up one's "way" creates a smoother path (consider the traffic circle or "merging" traffic...), and once in awhile, those in authority (parents, Employers, Government Officials, etc...) would do well to consider timely yielding of their own concerns for the good of the whole (or another individual).

Being "in charge" should not come from a position of selfishness and greed, but sadly our human tendencies often distort Servant of the People (or family) positions of "authority" into dictatorial power grabs...

Food for thought~


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