Saturday, March 19, 2016

St. Patricks Day Week... the life of an Irish Dancer... ;)

Just thought I'd share a bit of our whirlwind week... 
from Friday to Friday 
Fourteen dance-outs for my girl and her chauffeur

Like how she prepared? 

For dancing at Libraries...

And Nursing Homes, Shops, Concerts, Eating Establishments and more...

Here's a little dancing~ a 4-hand reel ~ 
The steps to this reel are done the same way 
all over the world, 
and it can be danced by all levels of dancers. 

And to celebrate the end of our March Madness before the beginning of Baseball insanity? Thank you 7-11 for "Bring your own cup" day! 

Looking forward to a slightly mellower week~ 
How about you? 
Happy Spring!!! 

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