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Logical Handwriting course? CursiveLogic Workbook

One of my least favorite "subjects" in grade school was penmanship~ Because mine was never great, and almost always received an average grade of "C." As a result, I never pushed penmanship on my older two children, particularly when they were younger, and as long as I could read their work (which was sometimes a mix of manuscript and cursive). However, as time goes by, and they have needed to know how to write in cursive for at least some specific uses (like signing their name...), I have determined that they need to improve on what I have allowed. Very handy that CursiveLogic offered the CursiveLogic Workbook for review, just in time for my 14 year old to work on his handwriting. 

Yes, I know, I'm a little bit of an odd duck with my penmanship baggage, so I was pleased to see this workbook, which is fairly no-frills from a "cute" point of view, which is important when improving a teen boy's handwriting. It is also reasonably simple, so easy to use with a younger writer as well! 

The workbook is a combined teacher/student manual, with instructions and direction (Making it great for a self-directed teen). The first portion gives direction on preparing to write cursive (Grip, posture, etc...) that may very possibly be familiar. The rest of the beginning instructions discuss the philosophy and methods used by CursiveLogic. 

Two key features to the CursiveLogic method  

1.The letters are grouped by shape: Four basic shapes make up the entire alphabet. CursiveLogic teaches all of the similar letters in one lesson, greatly simplifying the learning process. This allows the student to reinforce the strokes that they have learned with each letter in the lesson. 

2.  Letter strings: Rather than teaching letters individually, CursiveLogic teaches all of the letters that share a common shape in a connected string. This allows the letters to reinforce each other and means students are writing in cursive from the very beginning.

Visual learners will find Color coding useful: Each letter string has a theme color that helps students remember the shape. The upper case letters are also grouped according to shape and stroke. 

And Auditory learners will benefit from the Catch phrases: CursiveLogic uses “verbal task analysis,” or saying an action verbally as it is performed manually, to aid the development of muscle memory and to give students a mnemonic they can return to over and over.

• Real words: Because CursiveLogic teaches a group of letters in a single lesson, students can write real words at the end of the first lesson. 
For some students, this immediate success is a huge motivator.

While my son, being older, didn't require the "hands-on" instruction, or the immediate success of writing 3-4 letter words, it was still very useful for him to have the tracing practice and the writing practice for each set of letters. 

The thought of writing his signature is no longer a terrifying thought, and if I can just get him to keep his writing to a scale that is readable (aka NOT ant-sized...), then this will have been a successful venture into the world of cursive. 

Oh, one more thing that is pretty nifty~ for practice purposes, there are some dry erase-ready pages at the back of the book for practice purposes, which may be VERY useful to the younger crowd. 

CursiveLogic is also making available to TOS Review Crew readers some free practice pages using Psalms and Government quotes. Check them out! :) Of course, they will work best after having learned all of the letters in logical order, via the CursiveLogic Workbook. 

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