Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Concert Fan Art~ The Harper Sisters... :)


It's our first evening of "vacation" (AKA, Daddy doesn't have to go to work), and I wanted to share a few things with you~ I'm a little late in posting this because we had a VERY busy weekend, and weren't home long enough to think straight, much less post anything...

I'll start off by featuring my Eldest's latest Fan Artwork~

She has been waiting for *three years* to see Jamie Grace (Ever since she had to cancel a performance at SoulFest in NH in 2012), so she REALLLLY wanted to make the trip to Burlington, VT when she found out that Jamie Grace would be appearing there~ 3+hours being the closest that Jamie Grace has come since 2012. Great excitement when we gave her 2 VIP tickets to the concert for her birthday in June! So pleased that the reality lived up to the hope. :)

This is what she came up with for her Jamie Grace concert fan art:

She completed the Jamie Grace artwork before we left for the concert, so she was able to make a copy on cardstock to give Jamie Grace (you can see it on the steps behind Jamie Grace in the collage at the top  :) ).

Here's one of Jamie's songs with a positive message that we really enjoy~

We were also delighted to hear Jamie Grace's older sister, Morgan Harper Nichols, who recently signed with Gotee Records. She has a new album out  (we bought ours at the concert), and can't tell you which song is our favorite~ they are ALL *that* good! We listened to the CD over and over on our 3+ hour ride home from VT, and still weren't tired of the songs!

Here's one of our fav's though, and it features both sisters singing together...

This is the artwork that Eldest drew in the car on the way to the concert~ (No copy to give to Morgan.. :(  ). Pretty nice piece of work...

Love, Love, Love, the heart of these sisters and their mission-minded parents~ hearts to serve, love, and tell the story of the Good News to everyone. So real, and so ready to share their talents and gifts with us.

This particular tour was very "mission-minded"~ they only booked at venues that seated 250-500 people (Or if a larger venue, only sold up to 500 tickets). They also went "bare bones," no tour bus, fancy lighting system, or people to operate such things. Some of the proceeds were pumped back into the local church/school/community hosting the event, and other portions are being used to help build a 24 hour youth center in their hometown in Georgia~ where the divorce and high school drop-out rates are through the roof. Definitely something to admire and emulate there! So glad that these girls are among my daughter's favorite role models.

Just for the fun of it I'm going to post the video of Eldest Irish Step Dancing (Reel and Treble Reel) to Jamie Grace's "Do Life Big"

We also enjoyed our first listen to the opening "guy band," Mission 6 from Indiana~ (See photo at the top of the post) #Berea~ they would be great for some of your Deep Freeze dates!

Going to post this now, so that I can get enjoy a full day with family and friends!


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