Saturday, February 28, 2015

Some Musical Nuggets (YouTube-style) for you

Thought I would share some favorite songs with you all from some of the artists that we have seen this past year... Some we saw more than once, and I'm just sharing a few of them for now (And also including my daughter's Concert Fan Art~ fun stuff!), watch for more one day soon! :)

Hope you enjoy!


This is Youngest's FAVORITE Unspoken Song...
From the Start a Fire Album.
So *not* a typical topic for a 7 year old (martyrs),
but such a good song with a great groove. 

Chris August~
Most Excellent song
for marriages that are struggling~ 
Heard some really neat testimonies
about the impact of this song...
Hopefully this will encourage Friends and Family
who are in need of restoration...


Group 1 Crew (featuring Chris August)~
He Said~ He'll never give you more than you can take
You might bend , but you won't break...

If you would like to purchase their music for your personal library,
you can find it at Amazon, and other music outlets... 



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