Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ozeri 8" Green Earth Pan (Review)

Do you use non-stick pans? Are you concerned with flaking, etc...?
I have had a number of "non-stick" pans through the years, and inexpensive or pricey, they have all ended up having issues with the teflon coating coming off, so I was very excited to be offered an 8" Ozeri Green Earth Textured Ceramic Non-stick Frying Pan for review.

The Ozeri Pan utilizes GREBLON which is a safe ceramic coating from Germany, over a heavy-gauge, die-cast aluminum base. GREBLON is 100%PTFE and PFOA free.

That all sounds great, but what really matters is how it performs. Now, I haven't had the pan long enough to know how long the coating holds up (Some of my other brand pans lasted a long time, others not so much...), but I *can* tell you how it is performing right now.

I figured that one of the best tests for non-stick pans is frying eggs: Score!
And then I tried some pancakes (Made with cottage cheese, so a little sticky, normally)~ See how clean the pan ended up?  No... I didn't wipe it out between photos, these were all taken during the cooking process... I'm pretty happy with it~ just wish it was bigger!

The pan is a snap to wipe out, and I haven't run into any snafus so far.
I don't use it daily, as it is a much smaller pan than I normally use, so my review is not based on heavy use. I use a small amount of olive oil in the bottom, and then I am careful to use only plastic untensils, and hand-wash as recommended.

Ozeri offers a limited life-time warranty, so assuming that I continue to care for the pan as recommended, I should be happy, whether I run into any problems or not.

The fresh green coloring on the outside of the pan makes me smile, and is a bonus for those who like to serve directly from the pan at table.

You can purchase your Ozeri pan from Amazon. The price is currently $25.95 for the 8", $29.66 for the 10".


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