Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Nuggets of Gold (Birds ~ Spring Celebrations~ Friday Freebies)

Hello Friends~

I've been keeping my eyes out for some little nuggets to share with you, and have found the following that seem to suit for the first week of spring! :)

Free Ebooks from Currclick 
our version of a fun art project 
Birdcall Memory Game  Nifty little pdf that incorporates sound with pictures for a memory game.
My Bird Guide Simple templates to use to create your own backyard/naturewalk bird guide
Nature study Birds ~ Notebooking Pages 50 notebooking pages in black and white, with lovely illustrations which can be colored in. Work well for narration or copy work. :)
Birds! Robins~ Mini Helper  Sweet little file with some little information cards, diagrams and coloring pages

 Project Based Zoology: Birds Class #3 Free Class Video for Middle->High School 


Fly Into The Night Game (Compass Directions) A Compass Game that I adapted to use with our study of Owl Moon

I hope you enjoy them~ and I'd love to hear if you found anything useful. 


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