Friday, January 10, 2014

Random Five on Friday

1. The Space Challenge Maze was the best "unplanned" gift purchase this year ~ it is still keeping pretty much everyone in the family occupied for periods of time each day... :)

2. This January we have had some of the most random weather I can remember in years~ freezing -degree cold temps, rain, snow, more rain, sun. No rhyme or reason, or consistency to this season!

3. Our Christmas Tree is still up. And it's a real tree, not artificial. :)

4. I didn't purchase #6 in my 6yo's Christmas Ornament series, and now... can't find it at my local Hallmark stores! (OOPS!) Calling around to other Hallmarks in the area to see if I can locate it.

5. Having children with a 10 year age span makes for a busy schedule when the oldest is a teen and the youngest is 6!

Many Blessings on this snowy Friday ~

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