Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January~ Wisdom~ and.. Switching Gears in High School? (HAH MeetingNotes)

Once in a while I like to share some of our local homeschool meeting notes~ particularly when there are resources that I think might be helpful to some of my readers. This month was one of those meetings~ Let me know if these are useful to you!

We started the meeting with a "devotional" blog post from Sally Clarkson  that focused on nurturing Biblical wisdom in our lives and homes. I particularly appreciated this verse: 

We touched on the topics of switching gears mid-year (Even in high school???) with alternatives to traditional textbooks~ Some sites to explore (Most of these have resources for all grades, so there is something for everyone, but I wanted to emphasize a couple of the options for high school students: 

  • ALEKS for math (I know a number of colleges use their program, so it has a great reputation!) I reviewed it 6 years ago, so I don't know if it has changed much, but we were very impressed back then! (Lis' ALEKS Review)
  • Khan Academy (Mostly for Math and/or Science, although there are other subjects here as well) 

The final resource that was mentioned~ Master Books, an Imprint of New Leaf Publishing ~ If your high school student has completed the 2 lab sciences required for graduation (And possibly even if they haven't~ I haven't fully researched the options here), and would like an alternative to the typical textbook Physics, etc... this might be of interest to you (there are also courses for younger children, but the focus tonight was on the high school student).

I'm very excited about the potential of some of these courses, particularly for high-schoolers not headed for a career in the sciences, and those who would enjoy the opportunity to include Apologetics in their Science Studies!

Check out some of their Creation Science Apologetics courses: 

Survey of Science Specialties Curriculum (1 credit)
Survey of Astronomy (1 credit ~ 1 year)
Paleontology: Living Fossils (1/2 credit ~ 1 year)

These look so interesting! Have any of you used these particular Master Books Curriculum? I would love to hear about your experiences and impressions if you have! 


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