Monday, December 16, 2013

Reader's Gift List #1 (Juvenile/Young Adult/Series)

I like to give books for Christmas~ some years I have had more success than others in finding GOOD books to give. :) I thought there might be some others out there who would like a little inspiration in their literary gift-giving for the 10-16-ish year old who appreciates a good story. These are all books that I have read and enjoyed as an adult as well, because good literature is good literature is good literature! :)

I'll start with our most recent reads

Eisley Jacobs is a great Indy Author who writes sci-fi/fantasy books
Her most recent series  Dragons Forever is currently a trilogy (Hoping there might be additional stories to be told???)
In Born to be a Dragon we are introduced to Meia (the orphan girl) and Deglan (the dragon). The worlds of human and dragon collide, and it is high adventure as Meia and Deglan begin to unravel the tangled web that has woven the two of them together...

Blink of a Dragon is my daughter's favorite in the triology as well as mine. This is the book that we both read and thought "THIS book needs to be made into a movie!" Wow~ so descriptive and action-packed. Super themes of great character and personal development as Meia and Deglan search for the only way that their world(s) can be saved, and send the rising dark dragons away.

Dragons of the Deep  brings the story to Scotland and the ever-enchanting (?) setting of Loch Ness, as Meia hopes to unlock more of the mystery of her past, and Deglan continues to fight back the forces of evil that would like to destroy both humans and dragons forever.

If you like reading books on an electronic device, 
are available as a set on Amazon...

Eisley has also written a young adult sci-fi/fantasy/thriller novel,
Pieces of Me, which delves into the life of Braidan, a seventeen year old girl who has developed amnesia, and must rely on yellow post-it notes to navigate her way through life, as EVERY day is a totally new day to her... as in, her identity and everything she is and does is totally new to her. Eldest can hardly wait for the sequel to come out! :)

The Next Fine Day is one of those stories/classics by Elizabeth Yates that hasn't received a lot of press, but is one of my favorites~ I enjoyed the gentle and lovely unfolding of this beautiful story as a young boy, struggling with his worth learns that he *is* important.

The final series that I'll mention in this post is the Viking Quest Seriesby Lynda Archer Buckley. These books tell the story of Bree and her brother Devin, Irish siblings who are captured by Vikings. The stories are filled with adventure, and even a bit of history, as we get a glimpse into life during the time of Leif Erikson. This series has been enjoyed by my kids from 8-14 years old and beyond, up to and including mom! :) (BTW, I linked to the Kindle version of these books, but personally, I prefer to have the real book in hand)


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