Saturday, November 23, 2013

Blend With Mad NINJA Skills!

This past Saturday I had the fun of hosting (with my friend MG, at her home), a Ninja Ultima Blender House Party. Since it is the first time I've done something like this, and since I was so delighted, I thought that I would share my impressions with you.
(BTW, a blog post was not required~ I'm sharing because I want to :))

House Party sent me a party pack that included one Ninja Ultima Blender for me, and one to give away at the party, as well as a couple of Ninja aprons. Very fun, and incredibly generous!

I have to say that I jumped on the House Party application when I saw it simply because our 20+ year old blender has not been operating at maximum efficiency for awhile (It is still kicking, but now will be relegated to "Crafting" purposes....). I really had no idea what I was getting into, and I wasn't aware that the Ninja Ultima is considered a competitor to some of the top dollar blenders out there until AFTER I was accepted as a host!
This is what met our guests at the door~ so they knew they were in the right place!

And this is what the counter set-up looked like:

I used some of the graphics to make a banner to decorate as well... fun, fun, fun! :)
The guests, with my friend MG wearing one of the nifty Ninja aprons. The photo is missing my daughter, who had to take the picture~ she had a fun Ninja shirt on as well~ homeschool style (hers is black, while mine is purple~ they say "homeschool(er/mom) by day, Ninja by Night." We thought they were appropriate wear! :D).
We first whipped up a bowl of Red Pepper spread/AKA Hummus
(Sorry that I don't have any photos for that, but it was delish!) 

Next we made a variation on the Sweet Spinach Detox 
(but we added a cucumber and used a little Kale in place of the spinach)
And During... the actual blending...


Next we made some strawberry peach ice cream

It tasted quite good, and it was a strawberry ice cream that I could actually eat. Most of the mass produced strawberry ice creams (Even from our local dairy) use ethyl alcohol to "flavor" them, and I seem to have an allergic/asthmatic reaction to them. Hurrah for quick and easy soft serve! :)

Next we made a  quick apple/ginger/honey/ice slushie in one of the individual cups. 
Everyone thought it was very tasty and refreshing. 

Our final juice wasn't made at the party, but the next day we tried out a variation on 
The Super Ninja Nine (minus jalepeno and red cabbage)
It was delicious, and the "aftertaste" was even better~ definitely a winner!

Back to the party.... My favorite part was unfortunately picture-less (But many thanks to my Eldest for the photos she took during the party! Couldn't have managed a blog post without her help!) 

We had a drawing for the 2 Ninja Aprons, 
AND the brand new Ninja Ultima Blender.
My friend who took the Ninja Ultima Blender home has been enjoying smoothies every day since! :) 

Thank you to House Party for the opportunity to host, 
Thank you for MY new blender, AND 
Thank you for the joy of blessing some of my friends with an afternoon out, yummy food/drinks, and some goodies, including a brand new Ninja Ultima Blender. The guests who didn't go home with the blender also received 10% off coupons, so everyone got something! :) 

If you have a Ninja Ultima Blender, what is your favorite thing to make with it? If you don't have a Ninja Ultima Blender, what recipe would YOU try first??? 


Disclaimer~ I received a new Ninja Ultima Blender for myself, one to give away, and two aprons in my party pack. I was not required to write a review, and all opinions are my own. 

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