Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nuggets for the Jaunty month of June

Some more nuggets for you~ Pick and choose the ones that will suit you!

Christian Liberty Press' free ebook of the month is a historical novel~
The Brethern~ A Tale of the Crusades:
This novel by Sir H. Rider Haggard, first published in 1904, is a classic tale of love and chivalry, unfolding amidst the touching story of two English knights who are in love with the same maiden. The devotion of these men is tested as they are thrust into epic Crusader battles.
Grade: 8th - Adult
Book: 363 pages
Kids of Courage from Voice of the Martyrs is offering an amazing set of pdf's that came across my facebook feed yesterday (Thanks, Knowledgequest!). If you sign up on the site, you will have access to 30 "Bold Believers" activity books. Each pdf is filled with facts, activities, and stories that will help your children become more aware of what it means to be "Bold Believer" throughout the world.

Confessions of a Homeschooler has a free printable Preschool Daily Learning Notebook and an Elementary Level Daily Learning Notebook. I've downloaded and printed a number of pages to use with my almost 6 year old~ hoping that by the end of the summer he'll have a better handle on the days of the week! :) I'm planning to laminate those pages, instead of putting them in sheet protectors, and then littlest will use our Crayola 8ct Dry Erase Crayons Large Size to fill them out.

And finally~ if you want a list of fun things to do this summer~ has a list of 101 Free (or Low Cost) Things to Do with Kids this Summer~ you could type it up as is, format it to go on little slips of paper to pull out of a jar, or if you prefer to "plan" some of the bigger things, you could create a paper chain with an activity on each, one for each day of the summer, or use them in some other creative way to count down the days. I have seen lots of fun ideas on Pinterest~ so go take a peek! :D



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