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1880's in America~ how much do you know?

How much do you know about the history of America in the 1880's? Many of the events and personalities are well known, but their time-frame is not as readily evident, in part because they aren't bracketed by any major wars or financial depression. Because wars make "news,"it is possible that the relative peace of the 1880's earned the decade a much smaller place in the typical history book.

Growing up in "Silver Bow County" Montana, near the seat of the Copper Kings, I was fairly well acquainted with some of the highlights of the decade. However, my children do not have the advantage of that locale, and although it may be hard to imagine (;D), there was more to history than "The Wild West" in the 1880's (although the West was the setting for much of the news of the day).

Marshall Publishing has released an educational DVD that gives an overview of the 1880's in a rapidly flowing 60 minute multimedia presentation that incorporates historical photography and drawings, along with more recent photography and videography. The DVD ends with an archival documentary film about the life of Alexander Graham Bell. 

  • The narration flowed rather rapidly. The topics occasionally bounced around a little bit, which was a little disconcerting at times.
  • No "index" to identify the content of the "Chapters"
  • Parental warning: mention of vigilante "justice" and some photographs of lynchings (Wish I had known about those, as I do have a 5 year old in the room most of the time).
  • Fascinating facts that "Whet the appetite" for more information (We looked up a number of personalities and events on the internet after watching the DVD).
  • Pleasant background and narration ~ not an "Annoying" video to listen to.
  • Some amazing photographs that give a better feel for certain things (for example, although I've read plenty about bustles and corsets, I haven't seen that many photos of women employing them under their clothing... YIKES! Those things were scary ~ Corsets, particularly... and we wonder where Barbie came from???).
  • Interesting overview of an entire decade of history (I had no idea about how Kodak film was originally developed....)
  • A mini-study guide is on the website below the description of the video program. While not exhaustive by any means, it can be used as a framework for some discussions, and I appreciated the "Timeline."
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  1. "...and we wonder where Barbie's come from?" LOL There's nothing new under the sun is there!

    I was amazed at everything that happened in the 1880's! I knew a lot of the information, but never being one for dates I really hadn't tied it all together very well.

    I enjoyed reading your review, and I'm finally following your blog via GFC.




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