Monday, January 10, 2011

Tradition? or Not.....

Alrighty, then~ New for MY readers, for the FIRST TIME EVER, I am joining in on the TOS Crew Blog Cruise. So, what IS the TOS Blog Cruise?

The TOS Blog Cruise is just what it sounds like - A "Cruise" (aka Blog Carnival) through TOS Crew Member Blogs that elect to participate. Each week, a new homeschool topic is addressed. Participants are encouraged to express themselves however the question leads them; everyone has a different style and personality when it comes to homeschooling, and that's what makes this so much fun.

This week's topic.... Very appropriate for the first topic of the new year...

"Do you follow a traditional school day/time/schedule/year"
When it comes to schooling, we are rather eclectic. 
  • Our school days are fairly free flowing, and not "Scheduled" like a traditional school. IE... we don't always do specific subjects at specific times. I have a schedule that we follow very loosely. We don't always get to everything in the order written, and if we don't finish something it just moves to the next day. 
  • Our school times are also very untraditional. We do TRY to get schoolwork done during traditional school hours. However, I sometimes find that evenings find my children more focused and productive. It's also handy upon occasion to take advantage of Daddy Distraction, for the youngest, so the other two can get their work done.
  • Our school-year schedule, however, is much more traditional. We live in a fairly populated neighborhood, with children who go to public as well as private school. Thus, I have found it easier to follow their basic schedule, and let my kids have the same days off (If I didn't I think I might experience mutiny). Sometimes I will make sure that they get their basic "Three R's" done on a "Snow day",  but most of the time they are out with everyone else, shoveling and having fun. :) 
So, we're semi-traditional, but mostly fluid and ecclectic.

If you'd like to see how some other Crew Members would categorize their schools, be sure to click on the Cruise button~ and I'd sure love to hear how your school day/year is organized, so feel free to contribute to the conversation by commenting on this post.


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