Sunday, January 23, 2011

FIAR Go-along items for older Sibs~ Wooden 3-D Puzzles

I think that most of my readers and local folks know that my all-time favorite "Unit-study" curriculum is Five In A Row  (aka FIAR). I am looking forward to another (Hopefully more complete) rowing since my youngest is currently 3. I am also still intermittently rowing with my 10 YO, picking up books that we didn't get to with him.

So.... Whenever I find a cool item that would go along with one of the books, I try to pick it up to squirrel away for future use. In light of that, here are some items that I just found today~
Timberdoodle has some nifty 3-D wooden puzzles. Now, I will say upfront that these are probably more appropriate for an older sibling (Or mom or dad) to put together, which is nice if trying to include the older ages a little as well.

For the "Story of Ping", a "Junk" house boat ($6.50)

Madeline~  The Eiffel Tower ($7.50), of course! :) 

Pappa Bleirot could have a wooden Biplane ($2.95)

And for Cowboy Charlie~ a "Ride 'em Cowboy($4.50) " 3-D puzzle, very reminiscent of Russel (or Remington) bronze sculptures. :)

My favorites are the Junk boat and the Cowboy~ Fun stuff! :D
Just thought you might be interested! :) 


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