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The big "Surprise Hit" from our Twelve Days of Christmas!

OK, so I  shared in one of my last posts (on my "Small Change Blog) how we celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas, and what everyone got. Now, as promised, I want to share a few of our favorite things.

Every year the kids go through the variety of catalogs that come to the house, as well as their playmobil and lego catalogs that they've picked up during the year. They create a "Wish List" of sorts, so that if anyone asks, we have a running list to use not only for Christmas, but the occasional birthday present. (Eldest is  growing up... last year was "Fuzzy Socks", and this year, clothing was added to the list... bittersweet... )

Youngest hasn't really joined in yet, but Eldest and Middlest are very good at including things in all price ranges, including the ""Dream-ticket" items which we usually can't afford, and they have to save up for on their own (Like an ipod touch). Sometimes I find an amazing deal, and have been able to pick up things like cameras and their ipod shuffles for very reasonable prices.

So, we do try to give them SOMETHING from their wishlist, but I also enjoy seeking out the things that they might not be aware of. Sometimes it's more of a hit than I would imagine. That happened this year...

The Standout Surprise favorite this year.... 
I picked up some of "Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty" as a stocking stuffer (at . How could I know how much fun everyone would have with this?

Because there are so many "Varieties",  I thought it would be fun to get each child a different one:
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Super Illusions Super Scarab
  • Youngest's favorite color is blue, so I decided the "Scarab" Color-shifting Illusions Thinking Putty would be the best for him. Two colors of blue in one...  excellent! (Sadly this color is gone, but I've linked to Super Scarab over on the left, which looks fabulous as well! )
  • 100_0718   100_0715  
  • Middlest likes green and red, so I decided the Heat Sensitive "Chameleon" Thinking Putty would be his. (Especially since his hands tend to be toasty.... ;) ) Here's an idea of how it "Changes" over time... less than 20 minutes from first photo to last... 2:13pm -2:31pm
  • Dapper Snowman 2:13 A little saggy at 2:17 There's a birdy on his head  2:21 Birdy's tail is saggy, and so is the snowman! 2:22 Yo.. Snowman... you ok? 2:23 Um... he's melted, and I'm upside-down 2:31
  • Eldest received the Glow-In-The-Dark "Aura" Thinking Putty. She wasn't so excited about the "White" putty in her can when she saw the cool colors her brothers had received, but once it was "Charged", it became MUCH more cool! (I would say that it glows more "Violet"(As described) than the "Blue" that came across my computer screen when I ordered... very fun!)(mouse over for "descriptions)
  • Glo-in-the-dark rolled thin, not "Charged" Glo-in-the-dark in a disc, not "Charged" Glo-in-the-dark after 15 seconds under a small halogen Glo-in-the-dark with a couple of "Charged Spots" Very Charged (no flash "charged"/ "no charged" sides (in the light)
These have been used daily since they opened them... Eldest is quite adept at creating 3-D models, Middlest mostly likes to "Fiddle", and Youngest like to make balls  with his "Blue stuff" and squash them, as well as make "imprints" of things. Mom likes to play with all of them, doing all of the above... ;)

They've been popular for "Quiet fidgets" during church services,  fiddling while mom reads, and general playing. All in all...  we highly recommend Aaron's Thinking Putty!
5 Acorns our family!

Oh, this is a pretty inexpensive gift option also~ Prices range from around $9.00 to $18-ish depending on the color options you choose. There are smaller tins available for prices closer to $5-$8 dollars, so really something for many cost options.

Note: I am writing this review of my own volition, based on purchases I made for Christmas presents for my children. :)

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