Thursday, February 4, 2010

HomeSchool Library Builder (HSLB) Helping Haiti and 20-35% off!

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The TOS Crew reviewed HomeSchool Library Builder(HSLB) last year, and they are a "vendor" again this year. We didn' t receive anything (by way of compensation, either physical goods or virtual) from HSLB, but are rather pointing out their service, and specials.

HSLB is kind of like a "new and used" book store on the web, but rather than gouging prices, the lovely homeschool moms that run HSLB just try to offer good, reasonable, common sense service. You can search by curriculum and age, as well as other criteria for books to flesh out your homeschool library shelves.

Because my basic opinions (GOOD!) of HSLB haven't changed, I would like to point you to my review from November '08 and ask you to check them out! (good books, low prices, great service, and a free membership "points" program are some of the features that I expounded upon....)

Right now they are offering a couple of specials that I would like to mention here,
with one being very time-sensitive in nature:

During the month of February, save 20% off the entire site!
(not bad for their already low prices!)

On Super Bowl Sunday, you have the opportunity to save another 15%
(for a total of 35% on orders placed on Sunday)

AND be a Helping Hand for Haiti

You do need to plan ahead a little tho'.... here' s the deal:

1. Make a donation in any amount to Heartline Ministries
2. Email HSLB ( ) by midnight Central Standard Time on Saturday, February 6, letting them know that you donated to Heartline Ministries
3. They will send you a 15% off coupon code to use when you purchase on Superbowl Sunday

Please, do go check HSLB out, and see if you don't find something that you were looking for, and at a price you can handle. (Oh, and I should mention... the good ladies at HSLB are always trying to give a Helping Hand to someone... They have a "category" called Helping Hand, in which all monies from books purchased in that category go to help a specific need. Currently, they are trying to raise a year's sponsorship for a Compassion International Child... Pretty cool! )

As always, I hope that this helps you to spend your homeschooling budget wisely. :)


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