Tuesday, October 6, 2009

EDUDPS~ Roots and Fruits: Vocabulary

Next...... Roots and Fruits

We all know (I'm pretty sure this is old news by now... ;) ) that having a handle on the Greek and Latin roots of our English language is a huge help in the ability to comprehend what is being said and written in the world around around us, not to mention useful for scoring well on the aforementioned ACT/PSAT/SAT exams.

Jill Dixon has compiled a list of 1716 vocabulary words in a handy manual that comes complete with a daily lesson plan that address all learning styles, 14 activities to use throughout the program that reinforce the learning of those root words, and a couple of extras~ Words are marked that are appropriate for the youngest learners, including Kindergartners, and the most common words found on the high school/college assessment tests are also highlighted.

Now, the way this is set up could be helpful or confusing, depending on YOUR style of learning/teaching! There is no program of "learn this set of words this week, test of Friday". Rather the teacher (You!) are in charge of what words you address each week. Sometimes this works well for me, because I have a group of words that we are using in a particular section of study, so it makes sense to use them for "Root" Vocabulary. Other times, however, I feel far too "random" in my choices. However.... the proof is in the pudding, and when my kiddos can recall what words we were studying a month later, I am reminded that "it's not about me"..... ;)

There are three ordering options for Roots and Fruits
$14.98 Ebook (Currently on sale for $11.25.... 25% off)
$17.48 Pages only (Three hole punched)
$19.98 Comb Binding (The version I received for review)

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