Saturday, August 29, 2009

Web Design for Kids (And Curious Adults)

Do you have kids that are interested in the computer... video games...?
They just might be interested in learning HTML, even if they don't know that they are interested!

When we received the Web Design for Kids DVD, my kids sort of glanced it (the case) over, and weren't terribly excited. However that all changed when I sat them in front of the screen, and popped the DVD into the computer.

Brian Richardson, the creator of Web Design for Kids, is one of the more engaging DVD instructors that we've been introduced to. He simplifies basic HTML enough that my 8 year old was easily able to follow along, and he is relatively pleasant to listen to, which matters to my 12 year old. You can see a 1-minute sample from the 2nd lesson on the DVD. This gives a pretty good feel for the rest of the DVD.

The course is about 1.5 hours long, with 7 lessons covering:
  • 10 Basic Lines of Code
  • Sandwiches and Colors
  • Make Subject Stand Out
  • Stand Alone Tags
  • Designing Backgrounds
  • Fonts and Paragraphs
  • Pictures
  • Bonus Section on File Folder Management
There is no software to download, everything you need is standard to your computer. While the lessons are geared towards the Windows Computer user, utilizing Notepad and Internet Explorer, we had very little difficulty translating that into Text Edit and Firefox on our MAC... HURRAH!

The way the lessons are set up, you watch a portion of the DVD, pause it, and do the work on your computer screen, then return to the DVD. It would be optimal to be able to watch it on a TV with laptops for the children, but again, it was very little trouble to watch it on our MAC with the DVD player screen taking up only about 1/4 of the computer screen, which left plenty of space for the Text Edit and Browser windows.

I really like things that don't require a lot of set-up time and/or extra programs~ Keep It Simple Sweetie (KISS) is one of my favorite phrases, and I think that Web Design For Kids does an admirable job.

DD and DS both have been having a lot of fun switching things up with text and color. DD has exclaimed that learning HTML is a lot of fun, and both of them are asking when they can work on their web pages again.... :)

Brian Richardson is not only a good teacher, he is determined to be a blessing to others. You can check out the charities that he is committed to supporting by donating a portion of all proceeds from Web Design for Kids

The Original DVD price is $40, but for a limited time, a "Summer Special Price" of $19.99 + $3.99 S&H is being offered.

Once your kids finish with this DVD, they are very likely going to be clamoring for more, if they are anything like mine.... so it's nice to know that there is a 2nd DVD in the works. Here is a hint of a few of the topics that will be covered...

-Embedding Games
-Embedding YouTube Videos
and more.......
So you have time to get going with the first one,

and stay tuned for more fun!

Oh, and if you want to be sure that it isn't just my kids (quirky? Not too much, I don't least not too much more than mom... ;^} ) that enjoy this... check out some of the other TOS Crew reviews.... Web Design for Kids appears to get a thumbs up from a bunch of folks!


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