Thursday, November 20, 2008

One Laptop Per Child

Hey, do you remember hearing about this program last year?
I remembered it, and decided to check out the website again.

One Laptop Per Child, is a company that has created a durable (potentially solar powered!) laptop (the XO Laptop) that is dust and water resistant.

Last November mass production began, and The Give One Get One program resulted in sales of over 150,000 laptops.

This November and December, you can give a laptop to a child in your life, AND give one to a child in a third world country for only $400! They have built in wifi, and can be networked effortlessly to other nearby XO's.

From the website:
There are XO's in over 30 countries from Peru to Rwanda, and everywhere it goes, the results are the same. The laptops help children build on their active interest in the world around them to engage with powerful ideas. When the laptops arrive school attendance goes up, and kids begin teaching each other how to use the machine.

With the XO laptop, kids actually learn how to learn. And one by one a new generation will emerge. With the power to change the world.

If this sounds like something that you'd like to get involved in, please check it out!


  1. I really considered doing this last year. Maybe this year will be the year. It seems like such a wonderful program. Thanks for entering the contest at my blog for the didj - good luck!

  2. CONGRATS! You won Mia King's Good Things from my blog! Please email me with your full name and address within 3 days to claim your prize!


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