Friday, August 19, 2016

I am anti-condensation! MAXAM 13 oz Stainless Steel Double Wall Tumblers(Review)

I like ice in my beverages~ I like a lot of ice in my beverages! Ice cold water is so good~ and iced coffee, ice tea, you name it (Except milk... can't stand ice in my milk... ugh!)! 

This isn't always a problem, but in the summer, when the temperature in the house (or outside) is so much warmer than what is in my *very* cold cup, I regularly end up dealing with dripping wet glasses (The ones holding the water, not the ones on my nose), which isn't the most pleasant thing in the world in general, worse when it is by your bedside, and don't even talk to me about water rings (sometimes the condensation drips over the edge of my coasters... grrr). 

Because of all of the above, as well as a desire to move away from plastics, I was very pleased to be sent a set of 4 Maxam 13oz stainless steel double wall tumblers. They aren't huge (Notice the 13 oz) to keep a beverage in all day (it doesn't take me that long to down 13 oz of water or tea), but they are a great size for nightstand waters, kids needing a cup to take outside when parched from playing, or for just a regular thirst-quenching glass of water. 

These #MAXAM double wall tumblers should help keep your drink ice cold and your table free of water rings. So far we are very happy with the job they are doing, and we don't need to worry about breaking glass or ingesting microscopic plastic particles! #stainlesssteel for the win! We have been using these for "night-time" water, and I appreciate having water that is still cold a couple of hours later, without sloppy condensation dripping on me. :) 

I did receive these for free in exchange for my honest review. You can tell by my video that these are the real deal (I understand there have been some questions about whether they are all metal or not... I believe they are), and I only give my personal opinion.

Other than the slightly sharp lip, we haven't found anything negative, and are enjoying a respite from plastics with condensation. OH, one more thing... the box does come with a warning label~ about cancer causing materials according to the state of CA... ???
Not sure exactly what that is referring to?

As far as I can tell they are 100% stainless steel! Sorry, but CA labeling laws often seem weird to me!   Do follow the directions to wash them well before using to remove any oils picked up during manufacturing.

I hope this review is helpful, as I do try to review products that I personally find interesting and hopefully helpful for every day life circumstances. 


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