Monday, April 18, 2016

Nuggets of Gold (Music downloads and books)

Hello all~

Well, this post just doesn't want to be cooperative! It was supposed to publish on Friday, but didn't. The good news is that means that there are a few more things for me to share with you.

If you HURRY over to New Release Today , you can still download a song from Citizen Way's new album 2.0, On My Side. I expect it to disappear today, but not sure exactly when.

They also have an Andy Mineo song, Uncomfortable, performed by Jimmy Needham... It is a fantastic cover!

A New-to-me artist, Cody Summer has a song we enjoyed (very reminiscent of Alison Krauss) Way Down the River, from her latest album Canyons and Cathedrals...

Don't forget, you have to sign up as a member (free) in order to download songs for free, but they don't spam...

A few books for you this week... click on the covers to be taken directly to the book's page.
I'm not sure how long the author will have this up for free, but it's a fun (slightly complex) book that combines cartooning with penmanship... Cute!

And here is a neat little book that covers a single colored pencil lesson. It teaches the technique of underdrawing... Not something I ever learned, and definitely not a total beginner lesson.

For the History Buff/ Middle-High School Reader, I thought I would profile Free Kindle versions of a few GA Henty Books. I have reviewed Heirloom Audio Productions' Audio dramas of In Freedom's Cause, With Lee in Virginia, and The Dragon and The Raven. Keep your eyes open for their next production, Beric the Briton. You can check these great stories out for free, by clicking on the covers below, but I do have to say that Heirloom Audio Productions are AMAZING, so if you have audio drama lovers, check my linked reviews above as well... they qualify as Nuggets of Gold for their content, even though they aren't free or reduced prices. ;)

One more fun thing... If you have kids that like Nerf... this looks like a really fun project! I've had this page open in a tab for a while, so I might as well save it here until I get around to making it! :)   DIY Spinning Nerf Targets 

Until next time...

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