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UGleePen~ an Ergonomic Pen Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I like writing implements of all sorts~ I like pencils, I like pens. They're useful, they're fun, and they come in pretty colors (sometimes).
I *don't* however like a hand fatigued by writing. I have arthritis in my right hand~ and writing for very long is a bit of a chore. For this reason, I was pleased to be able to try out a new ergonomic pen.

One might notice that it is called the "UGLeePen." It is not because it is ugly... I like the colors. You see that gel grip on the lower portion of the barrel? It adds interest as well as comfort! Not really ugly~ it glitters(but not too much for the male of the species)!  If you visit the website you may learn how the UGLeePen got it's name, and discover why it is such a relaxing pen. ;)

This pen was invented by Dr. Lee, who received his MD from Stanford University School of Medicine. Over the course of his education he was required to do a LOT of writing, as you can imagine. As he says "Writing should not be a painful experience." Although Dr. Lee is unable to ease the painful anxiety that sometimes accompanies writing, he has done his utmost to come up with the ultimate pen.

In comparing writing with the UGLeePen, and writing with generic pens, I can say that my arthritic hand has found it less wearying to use than a traditional pen. In an un-scientific test (because I had very few test subjects...):

I found that my children wrote a little more rapidly with the UGLeePen than with another pen. For example, Middlest wrote 51 dictated words in 4:40 minutes with a traditional pen. It took him 4:15 minutes to write 54 words with the UGLeePen. The selections were similar in difficulty and punctuation. That's pretty interesting, since he didn't know that I was timing him. :) I also had him use the UGLeePen 2nd so that he would be using it when his hand was more tired. Like I said, not totally scientific, but interesting, none-the-less. :)

Littlest says that the UGLeePen is "Cozy" on his hand. ;)
Middlest likes that the ink is "Bolder" than many other pens.
Eldest holds her writing implements with a different grip, and the UGLeepen doesn't hurt her knuckles like everything else. She also likes the fact that the barrel is easily found by feel when digging in her bag. :)

If you believe, along with Dr. Lee, that "writing should be enjoyable and shouldn't get in the way of your work," then enter my giveaway! While the actual WORDS may not come any easier, the mechanical process just might be more smooth.

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  1. Hope to win...would make a great gift for my nieces or nephews

  2. I have to be honest, I had never heard of the UGLee pen before this review. I went on the website and saw that it is ergonomic. I never thought of using a pen like that. I hope I win :)

  3. Being a college student, a good pen is always nice!

  4. If my kids used these pens, it can help them develop the proper muscles in their writing hands.

  5. I learned that using the wrong kind of pen and griping it wrong can hurt the muscles in your handl

  6. I learned that the UGLee Pen was created by a doctor - Dr. James Lee.

  7. I learned that the UGLee Pen was created by a doctor - Dr. James Lee.

  8. I learned that if you're not using the right kind of pen or you're not gripping the pen the right way you could hurt the muscles in your hand, it explains the pain I get in my hand if I have to write for a long period of time. I knew the pain was from my grip but I didn'realize that there were pens specifically made to help with your grip.

  9. holding the wrong pen for too long can hurt your hands

  10. I learned that this was created by a doctor who used to have hand pain because he writes a lot during his work day.

  11. I learned that a Dr. created this pen.

  12. I learned that its light weight

  13. These pens are ergonomic
    angukena at yahoo dot com

  14. I learned that when kids use them it helps in proper muscle development in the hand. (CoreyOlomon at gmail dot com)

  15. I learned they were created by a doctor

  16. Created by a doctor to help your hand muscles.

  17. I learned that this pen only weights 11 grams.

  18. I hope to win this - I have problems if I write a long time. follow you via GFC as Sherri J

  19. I learned that the pen only weighs 11 grams!


  20. I learned Dr.Lee invented this pen so he would have a comfortable pen to write with. I think this pen is so cool! Thank you :)
    sue-hull64 at comcast dot net


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