Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thanksgiving~ Day 2

Well..... I'm going to share more than just one thing I'm thankful for today~

The fact that although we still haven't turned on the furnace (And it's getting chilly up here in the North East!), we can bundle up with cozy slippers and sweaters and fingerless gloves, and unlike some of my friends just to the south, we have electricity that can run a space heater in the living room if we want, an oven that can help heat the house if I'm baking something, and a refrigerator that isn't in danger of thawing and spoiling. Not to mention the fact that I can sit here with my computer plugged in, and still reach out to the rest of the world online (We don't have smart phones, so no electricity means no outside communication).  I'm thankful for electricity (and the linemen who restore it as quickly as humanly possible), so I can easily enjoy a cup of hot coffee, among so many other things.

Of course, because it is still so new and amazing to us that the missing-for-4-months-dress has appeared, it is still towards the front of our minds as well. I wrote a quick note on various Irish Dance Forums (ones that I had posted to about the dress in early October), and was blessed by the response of one person (who has no clue who we are.... they live somewhere in "Mid-America" I think): I was having a really rough day, but reading this happy ending was quite uplifting. I'm so happy things have worked out for you! (NT) -- the little things, for today.

So often we only post or speak up when things are wrong~ made me really glad that I took the time to let people (Even those who I don't know, and likely will never meet) know the good news~ it made a difference in someone's day, and their response made a difference in mine! I'm thankful for people who take time to show appreciation, and make a quick, positive comment.
Taking time to share the good news today leads me really, to what I am always the most thankful for, day in and day out~
The Gospel~ translated literally, The Good News

Although "Life is tough" , "God *is* Good." The One who created us and loves us wants to be in a right relationship with us. As we look towards the Joy and Excitement of Advent and Christmas, may we never forget that the reason the Child was born, was to become the Man who would make a way to reconcile us to His Father forever~ Everlasting Joy!

Embedding has been disabled, but here's the song by Randy Stonehill that I was thinking of as I started this last bit ~ Life is Tough, God is Good ~ you have to listen to the whole thing, tho', to get to the Good News. ;)


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  1. Your daughter's dress is beautiful! So glad it finally came!


Thanks so much for letting me know you were here. I appreciate "thoughtful" comments. :)


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