Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up!

No, no, no~ Not in a (non-alcoholic) beverage, you silly! In the breadcrumbs! On the chicken! In the oven!

Truly~ That is more or less what I made for dinner last week with some of my new 32 oz jar of  organic Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil (Sent to me for free by Tropical Traditions in exchange for my honest opinion).

I have used it thus far:
  • As a substitute for butter in baking (Yummy coffee cake and scones) 
  • Mixed with the above mentioned breadcrumbs, lime zest, basil and pepper as a coating for baked chicken tenderloin nuggets (Scrumptious! Next time I think I need to make a little sauce to drizzle on the top, but they were good for a first experiment!) 
  • As a "spread" on toast, under Jam (This was my only disappointment, as it was not as flavorful as I had hoped~ the coconut flavor was rather more bland than I had expected. According to Tropical Traditions' website, this particular label is not as consistent in flavor due to the nature of it's hand-made processing, so I expect that I just received a jar from a less flavorful batch. It is also possible that I might be looking for something more like the Coconut Cream Concentrate for this application.)
  • As the "Base" for cinnamon toast (yum!) 
Using coconut oil instead of butter can be interesting in the summer, due to the fact that it liquefies at temps over 75 degrees F (Trying to "spread" it on toast??? NOT!) However, I *could* put it in the refrigerator on the hot days if I really care that much. ;)

Clearly, I've been having fun making good food for my family, and I appreciate the ease with which the coconut oil mixes in to my baked goods. For the curious, I've exchanged the coconut butter for butter on an even basis.

BTW, for those interested Tropical Traditions  coconut oils are processed in small batches by family farmers in the Philippines, following Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. They are re-certified each year in GMP, and are also certified organic by USDA standards. Unrefined and nutritious! :D

Next I need to revisit the Tropical Traditions Recipes and see what else we'd like to try that uses coconut oil. :) (The Iced Coconut Mocha Cappuccino, for instance.... )

There are a number of other products that Tropical Traditions sells that I'm interested in trying~ Coconut Cream Concentrate, Organic Canadian Raw Honey, Palm Shortening (Could be interesting for making my own baking mixes for camping!), and Moisturizing Lotion to name a few. I'll be sure to keep you updated when I do...

Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product. I was under no obligation to review it or to provide a positive review.

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