Friday, April 15, 2011

Five Minutes Friday~ Distance

Joining in on a "new to me" Meme~  5 minute Friday~ That's all.... just write for 5 minutes on a given theme (Gotta love "journal prompts" ;) ) (Disclaimer~ I spent about 10 minutes on my first "5 minutes Friday... oh well) :)
The theme this week is "On Distance", so here goes! :)

Distance~ I could go in so many directions on this~ Elementary things like "How far is it to the Moon from the Earth?" and more esoteric options like how far IS the East from the West? (Psalm 103:12)

However, today I think I will talk about "distance" as it pertains to my family. I am the youngest of 6 children~ we are 5th generation Montanans. However, at this point, no one but our parents live in Montana. We are separated by physical distance (from Hawaii to the East Coast, and points in-between), and sometimes, by virtue of that distance, possibly by emotional and/or spiritual distance as well.

I don't have "Daily contact" with anyone in my family beyond those that live with me. I think our "Small World" is too large in many ways. When we are physically distant from one another it is hard to take part in the day-to-day of life. This means that I often don't know when a family member is sick or feeling down.

HOWEVER, thanks to technology, that distance can be closed.

I am able to keep up with those in my family that use facebook on a daily or at least somewhat regular basis. That way I might have an idea if a niece or nephew is ill, or someone is struggling with something~ This gives me an opportunity to pray on their behalf.

Skype is very cool! We were able to have a REAL "Virtual" 80th birthday "party" for my father last weekend~ not everyone was able to make it, but we had enough to make it a special part of my dad's day, even if we weren't physically THERE.

In today's world~ "Distance" is something of a conondrum~ it is what you make it. You can be physically close and emotionally distant, or emotionally close and physically distant (Or any other of a myriad of combinations in-between)
I hope to be be "Distant" to the things that are not lovely and good and pure, and strive to be closer to those that matter~ God, family, and friends, no matter where they are found.


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  1. Oh, I like this post and I think I'd really like to participate in this meme.

    Thanks for sharing...



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