Monday, April 11, 2011

The Final Summit by Andy Andrews (Book Review)

Here is the latest offering by Andy Andrews~ a journey into the fantastic world of time-travel, with a twist. The Final Summit~ A gathering of "history-makers" from all time. Their quest~ to determine "The One Principle that will save humanity".

This book has the earmarks of so many things, wrapped into one package~ 
  • It could be a "Self-help" book written as prose,
  • An inspirational story with many nuggets of truth to lift one up and, well... INSPIRE them
  • A bit of a mystery~ and finally, one could possibly surmise,
  • A commentary on society
  • All of the above! 
Andy Andrews has once again written a thought-provoking novel, which had me thinking of people who would enjoy reading it. I  enjoyed reading "The Final Summit", and hope to go through it again more slowly, so that I can ponder some of those nuggets.   Reading this book also makes me want to read  his previous book "The Traveler's Gift", where David Ponder (The main character of "The Final Summit") is introduced.

A little constructive criticism~ I determined not to get caught up in a few of the details that were a little "odd" to me. I'm not convinced that angels have wings, or that everyone mentioned as a time-traveler (indicative of a saving knowledge of God) would have been in a position to have been present at that meeting~ except for the comment that "many last-minute decisions" may have been made. 

That being said, the inclusion of the "active characters" were all part of excellent and interesting story-telling, and the inclusion of others (only mentioned by name) were a reminder that I am not the judge of men's hearts.   

Finally, there was even a bit of history that I would say isn't "Common knowledge".  I won't spoil it for you~ check it out yourself! :) 

On my next reading through I may take advantage of the "reader's guide" at the back of the book which includes questions that could be great for journaling. The book also contains a link to a companion curriculum guide for teachers and book clubs. Nifty! :D 

The Final Summit can be purchased wherever Tommy Nelson books are sold (List price $19.99)


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