Thursday, October 1, 2009

EDUDPS(POC4U) Learning assessment/Curriculum Guide

The TOS Crew members were blessed with the opportunity to review any of a number of Jill Dixon's Curriculums and Guides. Because I have a MAC, however, I was not able to review the ebook versions, and was given hard copies of the books to review. (Note: EDUDPS is currently offering their ebooks for 25% off their list price) The next 4 reviews will be from products that I received from EDUDPS.

First up, POC4U is a title that is not available in ebook format, but since I had a package of print titles coming, I was asked to review this title as well. :)

So... what does POC4U stand for?
"Person Optimized Curricula For You" ~ That title is still somewhat difficult to figure out, but the basic concept is that each child's education should be optimized for their own person. This is a tool for homeschoolers to figure out their own IEP, if you will... ;)
POC4U includes
  • Surveys for the child to take which will help to pinpoint your child's predominate learning style.
  • Diagnostic surveys that are helpful in determining what grade level your child may be working at in reading/decoding, math computation, and written expression from K through grade 8.
  • Eight points or "hints" in effectively utilizing curricula based on a student's inclinations
The rest of the book is broken down into the 3 learning styles (Auditory, Visual, and Tactile/Kinesthetic), and specifics for each one. This includes:
  • Cues to help recognize a particular learning style
  • General Teaching Techniques for the particular style
  • Specific Teaching Techniques and Curriculum suggestions in each of the following:
  1. Reading
  2. Spelling
  3. Grammar/English
  4. Writing/Composition
  5. Math
  6. History, Science, and Geography
I think that POC4U would be most helpful for those who are just starting their homeschooling journey, whether homeschooling from the beginning, or bringing their children home from public/private schools. I feel that it would also be a helpful tool for those who are feeling frustrated in their homeschooling efforts, as it could illuminate a "Disconnect" between a student's learning style and the current teaching style~ A possibly simple solution may be found between the front and back pages of POC4U, that could ease a seemingly complex and stressful learning environment.

I found it interesting, when my son took the learning style assessment in POC4U, and when my daughter took the assessments in the next item I'll be mentioning "The Complete Career, College, and High School Guide for Homeschoolers", that they both tested almost identically. While neither one has a strong leaning in any direction, they both rated visual the lowest in their assessments, but even that was in the zone of being a preference.

My final analysis is that POC4U helps me to feel confident that at least my two olders can benefit from any style of curriculum that we choose to use, and that's a good thing. Likewise, if either of them had shown a strong preference and/or dislike for a particular style of learning, I would feel comfortable in taking Jill Dixon's guidance in tailoring my curriculum choices to my children's needs (we have yet to figure out my 2 year old... he may end up with a strong preference, and then I'll be doubly happy to have this guide handy!).
-----> Not bad for the nominal investment of $12.98.

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