Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Media Angels~ The Missing link:FOUND

Ok, Time for another review!

This time it’s one of my favorite things… a book review! ☺ (notice a trend here lately?)

From Media Angels
The book is “The Missing Link: FOUND” , the first in the Truth Seekers Mystery Series by Christine Gerwitz and her mom, Felice. Christine decided to start writing when she was only 12, and convinced her mom that because they were homeschoolers, they could figure out the “how” of writing and publishing a novel ☺. This book is the result of that conviction.

Christine and Felice set out to write an exciting, action-packed novel, with a homeschooling Christian brother/sister duo, Anna and Christian Murphy as the main characters. The rest of the cast includes their “Evolutionist” cousin David and Archaeologist Uncle Mike, their Creation Scientist/Archaeologist father, Jack Murphy, an assisting paleoanthropologist Jim Johnson, and some other characters that you can read about for yourself.

There is an exciting boat chase in the Florida Keys, and a mystery at Uncle Mike’s anthropological dig. Interspersed throughout the book are many instances of modeling Christian Character (or “working” on it…), as well as examples and facts regarding Creation and Evolution. You can rest easy when your children read this book, knowing that they won't be exposed to what my children call "inappropriate" attitudes or conversations.

While not exactly “great literature”, this IS a great book for those who have “reluctant reader” tweens/teens, and/or “brain candy” for those who devour books on a daily basis. Even tho' I'm not a "Boat chase" kind of reader, I have to admit that after about the 4th or 5th chapter I was readily turning the pages to see what was coming up next. Sadly, my own voracious 11 year old reader couldn’t give me a review on this book because it does not fall even remotely into a category of reading that she enjoys(that's OK... it happens...). However, I do happen to have a young (13 yo) neighbor who I asked to read and review it. When I knocked on his door today, he said that he was enjoying the book. It is interesting and exciting, and he’s looking forward to finishing it when I give it back to him tomorrow (After I get this review written! ☺ ).

There are some editorial errors, but many people don’t even notice. However, if you want to give your tween/teen a proofreading assignment (AFTER they’ve read the book for fun…) go ahead! I’m sure that Felice would appreciate a list of any errors found, and their page #’s, for the next reprinting of the book. You could also add the Study Guide that Felice created (being a homeschooling mom and all), for a literature/science unit study.

Oh and I should mention that the set of all three novels is on sale for a limited time for only $22, a saving of $4.97 off the regular price of $26.97( $8.99 each).

If you have a child interested in science, this could be a fun Christmas gift!

When you visit the Media Angels website, in addition to their store, you will find online and/or audio science classes, Free science experiment and scientific method downloads, Creation Camp-in-a-box, and more.

To sum up, I would say that this is a website/curriculum provider that is worth keeping your eye on, as they begin to offer more online science classes, as well as other Homeschool and Science resources, and if you are waiting for those, you may just want to pick up a copy of one of the Truth Seekers Mysteries, to pass the time, and check it out for yourself.


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